The next HGH herding trial will be held on October 11, 2014. Our SV judge will be Manfred Voigt.


The bridge, part of the course.

HGH Herding Competition in Rushville, NY

Our 17th Annual HGH Herding Competition took place on October 12, 2013. The First HGH Herding Club hosted this trial at White Clover Sheep Farm in Rushville, NY. SV Herding Judge, Herr Gerd Jahnke, evaluated this event according to the SV herding regulations. Four dogs were entered, all of them were GSDs.

Perfect warm and dry weather conditions greeted the more than 150! spectators who came to observe this interesting event. The owner of the flock of exactly 315 sheep, Ulf Kintzel, ran first. This run is considered to be the more difficult one since the sheep aren’t used to the course yet. It is common courtesy that the flock owner offers to run first since it is also an advantage to compete with one’s own flock. The first run was done for title only and not as a part of the ranking of the competition. Ulf showed once more his five-year-old Lenz vom Dolderbrunnen and finished with 94 points and an V (Excellent) rating.

The second competitor of the day was Kathy DiStaso with Elexa vom Quasliner Moor. She was able to repeat her win from last year and received a V rating and 92 points. Kathy won the challenge trophy sponsored by late Charlie and late Roberta Kaman (Fidelco, Guide Dogs for the Blind), which will reside with her for the next year.

Next was Gylla MacGregor with Dunja vom Quasliner Moor. Dunja is by now nine years old and this was her retirement run. In the end her run amounted to 81 points, an SG rating.

Then it was time for lunch. The many spectators enjoyed the sheep hotdogs donated by White Clover Sheep Farm and the plentiful side dishes other club members and long-time spectators had brought with them.

After lunch ran the fourth and last competitor of the day, Kristin Siarkowicz with Lenz' littermate Lara vom Dolderbrunnen, who won two years ago. Lara showed again a solid performance. The total score was 90 points and a V rating. She won second place and the Beth Johnson Memorial Medal for "Runner up".

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Lenz vom Dolderbrunnen
Lenz during the traffic from in front
Lara vom Dolderbrunnen
Kathy's Elexa in the wide graze
Dunja vom Quasliner Moor
Gylla's Dunja guarding the pen while the flock is exiting
Elexa vom Quasliner Moor
Kristin's Lara keeping the sheep in line
SV herding judge Wilfried Scheld and the competitors
Ceremony: the competitors with their dogs and the judge

White Clover Sheep Farm
Ulf Kintzel
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