My name is Ulf Kintzel. I come from East Germany. There I did an apprenticeship in the mid-1980s to become a shepherd. After my apprenticeship I worked on a sheep farm until 1989. After the wall came down, I moved to West Germany, where I worked at several sheep farms. I tended flocks with 1,000 sheep on average for eleven years under the Transhumance farming system in places like the Black Forest.

I then went to college and studied agriculture and graduated with an agricultural engineering degree.
In 1995 I moved to the US. Until 2006 I lived in Sussex County, New Jersey, establishing and managing White Clover Sheep Farm. In 2006 we moved farm and family to the beautiful Finger Lakes Region, where we had purchased a farm. Currently, I farm about 100 acres of pasture and raise about 200 White Dorper ewes and a dozen Kiko goats. I am married to a native of Poland and we raise three children.

White Clover Sheep Farm
Ulf Kintzel
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