I have long resisted the idea of paid consulting services. However, due to the volume of inquiries I have decided to offer exactly that.

Here are the topics for consulting that I offer:

  • General management questions
  • Pasture renovation and management
  • All about Grazing: pasture rotation, rest periods, residual etc.
  • Lambing management
  • Hoof cutting
  • De-worming and vaccinating
  • Sheep health
  • Topics of your choosing as long as it is part of my expertise.

Here are the kinds of consulting I offer:

  • Farm visits at White Clover Sheep Farm: You can make an appointment and I introduce you to the farm management at my farm. You get to choose what topics you wish to have addressed or if you want an overview. The farm visit may last up to three hours. The fee is $200 for one person and $125 per person if there are more than one person.
  • Written analysis: If you live too far away for a personal meeting you can e-mail me or – if you don’t use e-mail - you can call me and you can tell me what it is that you are seeking. I will then write up an analysis and will submit it to you. You then have the option to follow up with additional questions. The fee is $50 per hour. The more detail you provide, the better the analysis.
  • Farm visits at your farm: Whether you want to set up a farm to raise and graze sheep or whether you want to improve your existing sheep farm – I can come to your place and make suggestions how to set up or improve an existing system as well as analyze a problem you may grappling with. The fee is $50 per hour plus traveling expenses.

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