German Shepherd Dogs

I use German Shepherd Dogs for sheep herding. That is what I do for a living. I breed my own dogs, using exclusively bloodlines from Europe, mostly from Germany.

I breed my dogs according to the breeding regulations of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany. I am a member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America, a member organization of the WUSV, the world union of German Shepherd Dog clubs.

What does that all mean? It means I endorse and abide by the breeding regulations set forth by these organizations. Before being bred a dog must prove its breed worthiness. There are three main components to that:

  1. A working title. The two recognized working titles are IPO, formerly SchH (Schutzhund) and HGH, the German herding title. Naturally, I train my dogs in herding and title my dogs with the HGH herding title. That is what our trial in October is all about. A judge from Germany comes to our annual trial and evaluates the dogs entered in that herding competition.
  2. A hip and elbow certification. All of my dogs that I breed have to first get x-rayed and get a certification for their hips and elbows that they are free of dysplasia. If the dog to be bred were to fail to obtain that certification and is considered dysplastic, it will not be bred.
  3. A rating of at least a “Good” in a breed show. The show is not the Westminster kind but the kind that evaluates if the dog is conform to the breed standard. These breed shows are also called conformation shows for that reason. The dogs cannot be oversized or undersized, are checked for their teeth, and otherwise are built according to the breed description.

Only when these three prerequisites are met can the dog be bred. It takes time, it requires work and commitment, it costs substantial amounts of money but the end result are healthy dogs with a good temperament and the ability to work. Many dogs that are bred without this rigorous assessment lack the ability to work or are of poor temperament or end up being dysplastic.

Besides my dogs’ ability to do herding, Schutzhund and other jobs, they are also known to be remarkable companion dogs that are very suitable for an active family with children. Why is that? The good temperament I need for herding is the same good temperament that makes them behave properly and safely with a family. The same workability and biddability makes the dog an active and willing companion. The good health in my working dogs is the same that companion dog owners seek.

What are my dogs not good for? They are not pushovers, and they are not couch potatoes. While my dogs are biddable, not stubborn at all, and are eager to follow, they do need leadership. While they do have an off button and can chill at home, they do need their exercise and activity for the off button to function.

No breeding is planned at this time. The information below has been left for informational purpose for a breeding planned in 2024, when a daughter of the described breeding is planned to have a litter.

I intend to repeat my 2021 spring breeding with my Irmgard vom Quasliner Moor, my main herding dog, with Ansel von der Druckerei, a dog who lives with a family with a child. “Andy” was trained and titled at my farm. He is the son of a female of my breeding and a male that did Schutzhund and was a movie star. He appeared in many movies and shows like “Boardwalk Empire”. Here is the pedigree of the future dogs, click on the link and scroll down:

If you want to see my dogs in action and view how they look and what they can do, please visit my YouTube channel . There are many videos of my sheep but here is also a considerable amount of video footage of my dogs, including the many puppy tests I conduct to find out their temperament and to discern which pup fits best which owner. Here are some search words I suggest once you are viewing my channel: “Irmgard”, Lenz”, and “Test”. This is one video of one of the more influential dogs in my breeding program, Lenz vom Dolderbrunnen, bred by a shepherd named Manfred Voigt from Germany and trained and titled by me:

I offer a contract, which spells out the terms, the deworming and vaccination protocol, and the warranty for hips and elbows.You will receive full AKC registration and ownership. If you consider a pup from my breeding, be prepared that I will intend to match the pup with your personality and situation at home. So, I will ask you many questions about you. Keep in mind that I am not a puppy miller. I breed quality over quantity. If you decide on a Tuesday that you want a pup next Monday, I am not the person you want to turn to. If you look for a Christmas gift and consider a pup, I am definitely not the person you want to turn to. I breed dogs for serious people who seek a dog of excellent quality and who are determined to provide a good home for such dog for life. So, if you have long thought about and planned for getting a German Shepherd Dog, and you are patient enough to wait for the right litter to arrive, I may be the person you want to turn to.

Lenz vom Dolderbrunnen: A big reason why I am breeding for social and environmentally sound dogs is the fact that I move my flock on public roads using my dogs. I cannot afford unstable or shy or aggressive dogs.


   My Lenz, who influenced my breeding program a great deal. He loved our family and our family loved him.

 Anton vom Quasliner Moor, great with our kids...
        ... and equally great in protection work.

     The main reason why I breed and use German Shepherd Dogs: Sheep herding. This is my Irmgard vom Quasliner Moor.

  Irmgard vom Quasliner Moor – when she was little.

Litter "J": 4 boys, five girls. Litter "K" is next.



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