My White Dorper Sheep:

My flock consists of just under 200 purebred White Dorper ewes. I use exclusively purebred White Dorper rams from Lewis White Dorpers to breed my ewes. All my sheep are commercial sheep that thrive on pasture. My sheep are 100% grass-fed and don't receive any grain ever throughout the entire year. They are not registered; they are meant to make a profit for the farmer and are not meant for the show ring. My sheep are free of foot rot. They are used to electric fencing and herding dogs as well as guard dogs.

Purebred White Dorper (WD) ram lambs: $450 each*. I sell purebred White Dorper ram lambs, all sired by rams from Lewis White Dorper. These ram lambs are guaranteed to shed fully as adults. They start being able to breed at about five months of age. A ram lamb born in the spring can breed a substantial number of ewes by the fall.

If you also purchase ewe lambs, I can select a ram lamb for you that is unrelated to these ewe lambs that you can use him to breed these ewes.

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Purebred White Dorper (WD) ewe lambs: $395 each*. My purebred WD ewe lambs will shed and will breed out of season or will have a very long breeding season. Shedding is guaranteed. Most of the ewe lambs sold will be twin or triplet-born. Almost all of their mothers are twin-born or triplet-born themselves, the exception being ewes that were born to a ewe less than one year at breeding and lambing for the first time.

Ewe lambs born in the spring can be exposed to the ram at age 7 to 10 months. If managed properly, most of them will breed at that time.

My Stud Rams:

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